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Klaasen of “American Idol” to perform at event

Inaugural run/walk in Center Grove


By Allen Watts – March 2016


  It’s approaching that time of the year again when you see lots of events locally that host run/walk events and cycle rides, whereas many streets become a little crowded with pedestrian traffic. It is not unusual to have several events in one day as the spring time calendar approaches.

   Also this year will bring a few new events to add to the busy summer
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Kwang Casey and John master brewer
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YES, Meijer’s is still coming to Franklin area

Community Director; “Construction expected to begin any day now”




By Allen Watts – March 2016


   YES, Meijer’s is still coming to Franklin and Krista Linke director of community services says, “The store is still coming, it has just been one of those things when permitting and things took some time. There is also an issue with the house on the corner (US31 and Commerce Dr.) because the owner wants to move the home rather than tear it down, but she has not done that yet.”


Downtown project to begin economic improvements

City approves $1.4M for future growth stimulation

Bonus; City will add 50 parking spaces to downtown area





By Allen Watts – April 2016


  The city of Franklin has officially approved $1.4M funding and the partnership of the city with The

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“When you're finished changing, you're finished”, Benjamin Franklin

Growth changes adds positive outlook of cities future


By Allen Watts – April 2016


   What will the coming Kroger Market Place in Franklin bring to the people of Johnson County? And what is going on with Meijer’s slow start on construction? Are any locals going to get relief from Walmart’s dominating presence on the local economy?

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Update-Remodel progressing & Lot improvements

Hubler purchases old Marsh/Safeway building

Used car superstore coming spring 2016


By Allen Watts – January 2016


  Hubler Chevrolet loves the northern part of Johnson County and has purchased the old “Marsh/Safeway” building. The building located next to Rural King, the new business addition to Greenwood is doing some major

Center Grove to host May arts festival and will host over 3000 pieces for the public to see. Entry open without tickets and open to the public....More to come later...
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