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Good ol’ country folks &

good food too!

“Smoking on the Square” brings in thousands from everywhere


By Allen Watts – June 2015


   Smoking on the square was definitely happening this past week-end in Franklin. Vendors and patrons seemed to have ever corner of the square filled with something happening, for sale, or some great eats and

Festival brings community together as Freedom reigns high

Growth shows in expansion of event size & participation


By Allen Watts – June 2015


    The Greenwood 2015 Freedom Festival is put together by “The old town of Greenwood” organization and they did another bang-up job this year. Except for one tiny glitch, they reversed the route and that was NOT taken to well by many.

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Franklin RDC commission lies to public about $$millions

Family or friends to City hall & boards gets shady deals & $$


By Allen Watts September 2015


   The Franklin Redevelopment Commission (RDC) has lied to the public during an open meeting on the 21st (Monday) about an unscrupulous client. The RDC has spent nearly $3/4m million dollars of YOUR tax dollars previously and is seemingly on the verge of doing the same thing

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Thanksgiving Day Fun Run/Walk!

5th Annual Turkey Burn

Family Fun 1.5 Mile, 5K, 10K


In memory of Jamie Sue Ramey

 When:Thanksgiving  Day                                                             

Where: Craig Park, Greenwood IN


(Register 7:30-8:30am at the Amphitheater located north of the Greenwood Community Center)


In addition & NEW Register Online


See public notices

for complete event details

jccrier001008.jpg jccrier001007.jpg

FDC to get $ ½ Million dollars in TIF funds

Will add east-side gateway area to Corp’s successful mission plans!


By Allen Watts – November 2015


    The Franklin Redevelopment Commission of Franklin (FDC) which once was a plague and horror corporation formed a few years ago, NOW stands high and known as FDC 2.0 since its revised corporation mission and operational practices. In addition the FDC has shown high accomplishments and great success in beautifying the Franklin downtown

City eliminates Buffer-Zone – unable to expand zone

County disregards city’s need to expand zone eastwardly

Frustration with County has effects  Council’s vote


By Allen Watts – November 2015


   Greenwood like many cities has sit up buffer zones around portions of the city. However Greenwood has “player out” the majority of the boundaries with their buffer zones, with a few exceptions and


Proposed Facility will host outdoor venues for locals

Zoning changed to allow newest outdoor facility


By Allen Watts – November 2015


   Property located at 1464 W. Stones Crossing Road will get a new zoning and the owners plan to build a multiple use building. Amanda Cottingham owns the property and the property adjoining in which she inherited it from her

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