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Greater Greenwood Lions Club 
      Meeting:  July 26, 2016
Where:  Golden Corral Restaurant
              160 Marlin Rd.
           Greenwood, IN 46142
 Visitors are welcome, Please call Vickie Gilmore
          for details 812-603-4440
Johnson County swim team
WINS Championship!!

Franklins hosting law Enforcement

“Meet & greet”

It’s called, National night out!


   Come to the Franklin aquatic center at 396 Branigin Blvd AT THE Franklin’s party that’s for you to meet your local law enforcement. Franklin has some great officers to meet AND the Johnson County Sheriff department officers will also be there too! Show your appreciation for all that they do!


There will be a 6:00 pm hot dog cook out

In addition there will be a 7-9 pool party!

August 2 @ Franklin’s aquatic center

Meet YOUR local law enforcement officers

jccrier001006.jpg jccrier001005.jpg


Support YOUR community & Meet YOU neighbors!

Community notice by JCCF

Prep for publishing

By Don Lee – July 2016


   To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the Johnson County Community Foundation invites YOU to participate in our ‘Color the County’ Mural

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin is upset with IOC and WADA on claims of doping

Olympics IOC says, No blanket ban on Russian athletes

Leaving decisions on competitors eligibility up to respective sporting Federations

WADA reports alleged complex system of doping by Russians

Prep for publishing by

Don Lee – July 2016


  With little more than a week until the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio begins, the Russians participation is still uncertain. However the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has released a statement Sunday reporting that they will NOT issue a blanket ban in the Russian athletics that hope to participate in the 2016 summer Olympic