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Children’s Concert in Surina Square

   Greater Greenwood Community Band will hold a Children’s Concert in Surina Square in Greenwood, IN on September 18. Children and the young at heart will both enjoy the line-up of this concert.  From Disney fan favorites to classic cartoon melodies this will be a concert that will appeal to all ages. 

   The concert begins at 7:00 pm September 18 with a special hands-on demonstration of the instruments beginning at 6:15. 

   Children of all ages are encouraged to experience all of the instruments provided in hopes of inspiring a new generation of musicians.  Band members will be eager to answer any questions and nurture young talent. 

   This is a free concert open to the public.  Free refreshments will be provided and there will also be gift giveaways!  Please bring lawn chairs, blankets, and curiosity for a fun-filled evening with the Greater Greenwood Community Band.

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Johnson County Prosecutor Cooper, “Advocate for Eckart”

Prosecutor under guns due to dedication to residents and

emotional response to case being transferred out of jurisdiction

By Allen Watts – September 2016


  News media has jumped upon the train to report that Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper could be sanctioned for criticizing the judge who set aside the death penalty for convicted killer Michael Dean Overstreet. However, few if any reported the fact that Brad Cooper fought hard for Kelly Eckart a murder victim.

   Cooper apparently feels that his comments were more of an advocate for Kelly Eckart a murder victim, than breaking ethics. Cooper is a out spoken person, none the less he has emotions like any other person and that case had the entire county in a state of difficult emotionally

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