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Franklin RDC commission lies to public about $$millions

Family or friends to City hall & boards gets shady deals & $$


By Allen Watts September 2015


   The Franklin Redevelopment Commission (RDC) has lied to the public during an open meeting on the 21st (Monday) about an unscrupulous client. The RDC has spent nearly $3/4m million dollars of YOUR tax dollars previously and is seemingly on the verge of doing the same thing

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Xmas Parade

City “Parades” around in high style;

Lights, floats, dancing and H.S Marching Band

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Hubler purchases old Marsh/Safeway building

Used car superstore coming spring 2016





By Allen Watts – January 2016


  Hubler Chevrolet loves the northern part of Johnson County and has purchased the old “Marsh/Safeway” building. The building located next to Rural King, the new business addition to Greenwood is doing some major

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Hoosier Brewery “hopes” to locate in Franklin?

City working feverishly to get brewery deal & relocated

Building owner says, “Nothing is signed yet”


By Allen Watts – January 2016



   Hoosier Brewing Company located in Shelbyville Indiana is planning on relocating to Franklin. Contrary to what the Indy star reported, the location is NOT a vacant lot and contrary to what other media reported the agreement is NOT signed, nothing is signed and the deal, while close to being a reality is not a done

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