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2015 spring prepardeness
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Woody appts-2014
appt to gov committee-2014
org day 2014-Price
org day 2014-Burton
2014-award betty davis
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Frk Farm homestead 150 yrs
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Burton retirement relief bill-2014
burton-price-highway funds
Price-military support
Price celebrates Chemistry in Farming
Price-cancer support
Burton-cancer support
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Praises Students success NAEP-2013
Victim personally of abuse
guest column 8-26-13
Ellis Island Honor - Medal
Sagamore award to Whiteland Alspach
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IEDC transparancy march 2013
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Mayor Joe McGuinness
   Moving Franklin ahead with positive progress and economic needs of Franklin.
    A Mayor who has done fantastic things for Franklin in just three years - Think what he could do in another four!
2015 State of the city (text) guide
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Readers response over the weekend was phenomenal to Mayor Joe's announcement of B2S's biotechnology's laboratory locating within Franklin community. Residents are enthused and anxiously await them!
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Get ready for Franklin's downtown traffic delays as Modernization on Jefferson st (SR 144) begins!!....