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Ex-Mayor Paris and family value mom’s Birthday

Ritters in Franklin was sprawling with a lot of Paris’

Monday and visitors got FREE Custard treats








By Allen Watts July 2017


Fred Paris the ex-Mayor of Franklin and his family had a very fun evening at Ritters Custard on North Morton in Franklin Monday evening. It was Barbara Paris’s 85th birthday and the entire family and most of the “in-laws” came out to celebrate the event.

Fred Paris talked a bit with us and said, “The entire family came out for mom’s birthday. All my brothers and sisters and all the in-laws (except one) came too. May son’s and other family kids came for mom’s birthday”.

For those who were a Fred Paris fan when he was mayor, you will be glad to know that Fred is doing well and his businesses are finally doing fine. “I had a ruff time for nearly eight months while the Jefferson street project had the road closed. But business is picking up now and people are coming back in”, Fred said. He owns the Triple Play BBQ at 186 W Jefferson.

The Ritters location was hopping with the county fair in full gear. But that did not hinder the smiling face of Barbara Paris and her children and the Grand kids as well as the “in-laws.”

The party hats were quite noticeable were visitors drove up. Most just seemed to think that is was just another birthday party. BUT, what all visitors did not know, to their very pleasant surprise, was the gift that the Paris family was about to give them!

The Paris family not only gathered for Barbara’s 85th birthday, they made sure everyone, visitors alike got plenty of Ice Cream (Custard). Every visitor was told after they ordered and was standing with money in hand to pay for their treat a very pleasant surprise. The Clerks would say, “As we have been telling everyone, your treat is on the Paris family and its FREE”!

Yep, Sisters, brothers, grandchildren and even Paris in-laws were in ample supply for Barbara Paris’s 85-th birthday. They made sure that all the visitors were also treated with fun, treats and ample hospitality. That’s the Paris’ way, said one sister and another says, “This is Mom’s special day and we are just happy to have her with us and want everyone to be happy to, what better way than to eat Ice Cream”!

There were lots of “Thank you’s” yelled toward the Paris’s tables when visitors got the FREE treats and did not have to pay for anything! THANK YOU said many folks, while digging right into their cold treats and barely being able to speak with a mouth full of the sweet treat.

Ritters is a well known frozen Custard franchise that is seen in many cities and towns. Franklin’s local Ritters Frozen Custard got the opportunity to be the special location that was just perfect for a birthday. Especially such a wonderful, smiling and loving person as Barbara Paris.

Happy 85-th Mrs. Barbara Paris!




Barbara Paris's birthday made her so happy as shown in the top photo, she kept laughing. Fred paris, Franklin's ex-mayor is shown in bottom picture with some of his siblings and his children