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New Kroger store failing in customer service

Cashiers are scarce and you may have to carry

items in your arms because of no CARTS!


By Allen Watts - September


The recently opened Kroger’s Market Place Franklin, has finally slipped into the dreaded “Lack of customer service”. The products in produce are great, if you like fruit that you have never heard of, within Franklin’s locality. The entire store is seemingly frivolous and Cashiers that once were standing around to serve you when the store first opened, are nearly non-existent these days and YOU will stand in line and wait. Lastly carts are NOT available at times, believe it or not. See picture of the Foyer’s Cart Coral.

Also lately it seems that you the customer are less important to Kroger Company than every before or Management is really poor, possibly both.

The store staff is “friendly”, when you talk with anyone. Yet there seems to be a lack of caring in their attitudes when I talked with several this past week. A distant and non-caring reply is NOT what I expected to hear, but nonetheless that is what I got. One was looking at something else almost in a daze, I am not sure what, while replying.

On several occasions I have visited the store and found absolutely NO CARTS in the stores “Foyer”. The space has been sitting TOTALLY EMPTY! This is unforgivable, especially in a newly opened store.

I have to question any manager or store that can allow grocery carts to run out for customers. Carts that are usually a absolute for customers are sitting cluttered lying around in the parking lot and not one cart is in the cart coral! I mean not one single cart. What are customers supposed to carry groceries with?

I was so upset at the REPEATED situation with Kroger’s in Franklin that I had to write this small article for Johnson County residents. The attached pictures will show my entrance into the store at different occasions in one week from both entrances, which had NO CARTS for customers!

Perhaps “Wally World” is not such a bad decision and that is why Wally World is seemingly NOT to threatened by Kroger’s or Meijer’s openings of new stores.

When Kroger’s was just north of the new store, cart collection was lacking on many occasions and it seems the Kroger company prefers to continue to allow poor management to continue in Franklin.

With hundreds of carts that are NOT in the cart Foyer, where do YOU think the carts are? They are lying around the parking lot and the outdoor cart collection areas are bulging and over flowing with carts at times usually blocking the isles and vehicles has to dodge the carts! THAT IS POOR MANAGEMENT, period.

What type of company that is totally dependent upon walk-in customers fails to collect carts? Especially one that has stiff competition from Newly opened Meijers and the ole’ stand bye WalMart Super Center.

The real question might be, “What type of company that will allow a manager to fail to care for the BASIC services that make a company welcoming to customers”.

Kroger’s is lacking, in customer service. While the quality of goods is usually excellent, the ability for customers to shop and check out, due to lack of cashiers. Tied along with the lack of absolutely needed carts, for customers, Kroger’s is seemingly proving that they are no more caring about customer service that “Wally World” So, why shop at Kroger’s then? Check out Meijer’s, who has plenty of carts for you (for now) and also rethink WalMart. The choices might seem a little different now.


staff photo
Pictures from both entrances, on different days, show Kroger Franklin carts are NOT available for customers! POOR SERVICE