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Cities wait for Major Hotel chain(s) over;

Franklin hosting Hilton & Marriott with the Fairfield/ Marriott beginning this fall, the Hampton/Hilton begins early next year

By Allen Watts - Sept 2017


Franklin has many options for growing and many more are being implemented presently. With SR44 relinquishment, A major thoroughfare that includes numerous roundabouts and other improvements. Then included with growth is the East-side gateway that has plagued Franklin for years with deterioration and increased lack of interest in development. However that is changing at an exponential rate.

The city of Franklin is investing in development of the east-side gateway with hundreds of thousands of dollars to help entice developers. With your tax dollars being used to spark development and of course new hotels in the east-side area gateway, Franklin is growing much faster than many thought possible in years past.

Mayor Steve Barnett says, “The funds here ($250,000) should be called redevelopment rather than enhancement funds of the area. This little bit of funding just helps tell developers that Franklin wants them and appreciates them investing millions of dollars here. The Marriott-Fairfield will cost upwards of $15 million so we just offer a few dollars to help with minor things and this in turn tells them, the city wants them here.”

City works with corporations:

Also the McDonald’s on the east-side is going through a change and local residents will see a reduced amount of trucks in that area. The newly redesigned concept that was presented to the city will include newly installed curbs, parking islands that are designed to eliminate large semi-truck parking. Curb islands that were first thought to be filled with mulch said Mark Richards, Franklin city engineer, will now be filled with dirt, grass and long term care. These were the wishes of McDonald’s corporation and the owner, who wants the restaurant to maintain an upscale appearance.

City does in-house design to save cost:

The design and construction plans were developed in-house with Mark Richards doing the in-house designs to the McDonald’s location. Richards says this saved the city a lot of money. The Man hours to do the work in-house versus contracting outside saved the city thousands of dollars, said Richards when addressing the city RDC (Redevelopment Commission)

The redesigned McDonald’s will hopefully eliminate large, noisy trucks from parking inside the McDonald’ lot and thus halting the noise associated with them. There will be buses parking space available but with restrictions to prevent unwanted trucks. The Islands to be installed will revamp the lot to aid in the control of traffic and better move large numbers of expected visitors to the area and more specifically the McDonald’s. Mark Richards did the designing for these charges and worked closely with the McDonald’s office and the local owner, Andy.  

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