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Rep. John Price (right) is a new welcome guest on our news service - Guest columns from our legislators is a honor for us and we print them for your benefit. We do this with pride and the American Spirit
The Crier will host multiple columns & documents by State representative Price. 
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Rep. Price’s I-69 legislation signed into law

A special guest column-letter from State representative John Price


edited for publishing by

Allen Watts – July 2015


    State Representative John Price (R- Greenwood) authored House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1036, which removes a statutory provision prohibiting the construction of I-69 through Perry Township. Governor Pence ceremoniously signed HEA 1036 into law. 


    “This is a major win for the Crossroads of America,” said Rep. Price. “This law will enable INDOT to determine the best possible route for the final phase of I-69, connecting Indianapolis to Evansville.”


   In 2006, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation that would restrict building interstates through Perry Township. HEA 1036 would remove that statute and does not require INDOT to construct I-69 through Perry Township.


    “I-69 connects southern Indiana to northern Indiana, making it an integral aspect of Indiana’s commerce industry,” said Rep. Price. “I am looking forward to the completion of INDOT’s study of possible routes and for the finalization of I-69.”


     For more information on HEA 1036, please visit



Rep. John Price (R-Greenwood) represents portions of Johnson and Morgan Counties. He serves as Chairman of the Local Government Committee and a member of the Financial Institutions and Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committees.


Looking closely at the picture you can realize the importance of this bill to Johnson County residents, cities and towns. Johnson County residents are well represented by Commissioner Ron West, Mayor Joe McGuinness, Cheryl Mowphew, Christian Melowski and of course State reps. John Price and Woody Burton and a few additional in the picture with Governor Pence signing this bill into law.