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Officers need help identifying burglary suspects

Pictures show wanted persons leaving several retails

Can YOU help identify these suspects?

By Allen Watts - September 2017


Police need YOUR help in identifying two burglary suspects that stole some items from a residence in Greenwood Tuesday the 26 of September. Please report any knowledge of these peoples whereabouts to Sheriff’s Office tip-line at (317) 346-4654.

On Tuesday September 26, 2017 around a Johnson County Sheriff went to 3964 Villas Dr, Greenwood, for a report of burglary.

When the officer arrived and talked with Paul Thompson and his Daughter, Michelle Criss. Paul said he had left his house at approximately 9:45 am to attend a funeral. Paul told the officer there was no one else in the residence (his wife, Lynne Thompson was hospitalized last night due to a fall), the reports said.

Paul said when he came home he discovered the service door to the garage had been forced open. Also Paul also discovered Lynne's car, a silver 2015 Kia Sportage missing.

Mr. Thompson went to his neighbor's house (3956 Villas Dr) and told them what he had found. Paul's Neighbor's, Carlos and Heather Florido came over to Paul's house and they did a walk through. After the walk through, Paul called dispatch, also it was at this time that he also called his Daughter, Michelle.

The officer said the he observed a foot print on the service door and also on the entry door from the garage to the living area of the residence. Once they were immediately inside the kitchen, Lynne's purse was discovered on the breakfast island with some of its contents scattered on the counter. On the kitchen counter there was also a box of medications that had been removed from the cabinet and appeared to have been rummaged through, the report said.

In addition, Lynne's laptop was missing from the living room where she normally sits. The bedroom appeared to have been searched. Drawers had been removed and scattered about the floor along with the contents. Several of these drawers appeared to contain jewelry boxes and keepsakes, the report said.

While the officer was contacting dispatch to identify the registration and vehicle ID number of the missing vehicle, Paul's daughter Michelle learned that one of Lynne's credit cards had been used at two local retail shops in Greenwood within an hour of the report. This information was immediately broadcast to local agencies. Evidence Technicians and investigator was contacted to the scene.

There are pictures of the suspects that the investigators found at local retails where the credit cards had been used and the officers are asking for YOUR help in locating these suspects. Please report any knowledge of the whereabouts of these people to the Sheriff’s Office tip-line at (317) 346-4654. All information is confidential.



Pictures of suspects at two different times.Can you help police identify them?
Call 317.346.4654 with any information misidentifying them